The history of the company

"Fito-Lek" Kharkiv pharmaceutical company was established in 1993 as a research and production enterprise to develop and produse herbal medicines based on plant material, and in 1998 it was actively engaged in a wholesale trade in medicines and health products. Today "Fito-Lek" Ltd. is one of the leading firms engaged in complex service for businesses and organizations of pharmaceutical and medical industries in all the 25 regions of Ukraine. According to the rating of an authoritative "Morion" agency the company has been consistently ranked in the TOP-10 of the best wholesale pharmaceutical distributors in Ukraine for the last 5 years. The price list of "Phyto-Lek"Ltd. totals more than 7,500 items of 350 domestic and foreign manufacturers. The company has its own brands, such as "Fitosed", "Fitodent", "Uhryniv", "Klimapin" that are leaders in their respective segments. Company has more than 160 domestic and foreign suppliers of medicines, medical devices, dietary supplements, cosmetics and other products among its partners. More than 1,500 legal entities monthly perform as active clients of the company. In February 2009 the first its branch office was opened in Rivne, in September 2011 the second one was established in Ivano-Frankivsk. In May 2010, a new office and warehouse complex with total area of 22,000 square meters was brought into operation in Kharkov. In 2013 it will be certified to GDP. In May 2010 a new office-ware-house complex is put into an operation in Kharkiv by a general area 22 000 sq.m, that in 2013 is certificated on the standard of GDP.

The company's activities have been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and prizes. 19 years of dynamic growth in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine - it is a merit, primarily , of a professional staff, that consists of more than 400 people, as well as the highest level of service achieved by the company.


  • diploma "To a strategic partner," FC "Health" , 2006;
  • diploma "To the best distributor TM" Snow White", TOV" UkrVata ";
  • diploma "To the collective of highly reliable partners», Solvay Pharma, 2008;
  • diploma "For an effective mutually benefitial cooperation, professionalism and dedication in the field of health care" GSK Helsker Ukraine, 2009;
  • certificate "For significant contributions to the development of Ukrainian nation's health", Bosnalijek d.d;
  • a star "The leader of Rossmax medical equipment sales, Sitizen, Longevita, Hayat", 2010;
  • diploma "To a honorable partner for a fruitful and long-term cooperation in providing the society with the products, that save and help to preserve people's health and lives", "Arterium" corporation;
  • certificate "For a fruitful cooperation, professionalism, support and strong partnership», Unipharm 2012.