"Fito-Lek" pharmaceutical company is a national pharmaceutical distributor in Ukraine, taking care of the nation's health by providing the population with qualitative and certified products in health and beauty. "Fito-Lek" guarantees preservation of products quality at all the stages of selling-from the supplier to transfer to the client. Modern material and technical base of Ltd. "Fito-Lek" allows to provide all the necessary standards for storage and transportation of medicines.

Among the most important principles of our corporate policy is special attention to every client, efficiency, flexible pricing, high standards of services performance.

Today "Fito-Lek" is:

  • -   more than 7500 items of medicines and related products;
  • -   always competitive prices for an offer;
  • -   trade credit;
  • -   flexible system of discounts;
  • -   free shipping within Ukraine.

  We are open for cooperation and new offers!